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October 16th

Thanksgiving Decor


It’s almost that time of year to pull out all of your Thanksgiving Decor!

 If want to try something new this year then let your imagination run wild. A great and simple centerpiece can be cost effective too. Try lining red apples down the center of your table. If you really want to get interesting, cut a small hole on the top of each apple and add a tea light.  Keep in mind the fall colors while decorating; burnt orange, sienna, green, yellow, brown and deep reds. Adding texture really adds interest especially where it is least expected. Keep cozy throws out on your sofa and bed, for those colder nights to snuggle up in front of the fireplace. Fill a clear jar in your kitchen of marshmallows and chocolate and leave it out on your counter. This is especially cute for holiday parties.  Buy gold colored spray paint, or your favorite fall color, and paint over all of your old décor instead of buying new! It is an easy and fun way to make a huge difference in your home. Repetition through design always looks good and makes a great impression.

If you are still struggling with ideas for your holiday party then please let us know. We would love to come to your home and help!