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October 31st

A Message to the Fire Victims

Based primarily out of Rancho Bernardo, here at Style on a Shoestring we would like to let everyone know that we are always here to help those who have been affected by the recent fires. Many of you may be rebuilding your home or know someone who will be soon. With our experience we would like to provide vital information to those in need: 

When hiring a contractor – you need to make sure that there license is current (and covers the scope of work you want to have done) and that they are bonded and insured.  The state contractor’s license board has a website  and consumers can log in and just put in the license # and it gives info on whether or not the license is current/complaints filed, bond and worker’s comp info.  In addition, contractors should carry extra liability insurance and any good contractor can provide a Certificate of Insurance from their insurance agent directly to the customer to prove coverage.  We also highly recommend checking with the Better Business Bureau, they list complaints from customers which are a sure sign of a business you do not want to get involved with.  

Always be cautious hiring a contractor that works outside of USA, for example in Mexico. Many of these contractors are not insured in USA which can cause problems down the road. It is best if possible to stay clear unless you know the person very well and then you can use your own judgment.  

Always ask the contractor for a reference of a previous customer, and go to their home to actually see the work they have done. People are usually very welcoming, especially if they have done a great job working on their home. According to CA state law – no contractor can accept more than a 10% PRIOR to work being started or $1000 whichever is less.  Once work has begun the contractor can ask for more money.  Unfortunately, there is still room for bad guys to thrive – they simply start the work and then once you give them some more money they vanish.  It is perfectly acceptable for the customer to hold back the final 10% of the contract until absolutely everything is completed.   If you are interested, we can provide you a list of our suggested contractors that we have worked with in the past or currently work with. Each contractor is very reliable and we work with them because we trust them. We wish everyone the best on rebuilding their homes.  Just know that we are always here for you with questions or even help with your designs.