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December 16th

Baby, Baby! Designing for Multiples

nurseryIt might be the holiday season but that doesn’t mean we aren’t doing our regular design work. And lately that work has been full of baby nurseries! We’ve talked before about how we approach nursery design — but what we didn’t discuss is what happens when that nursery is welcoming two or more bundles of joy. It’s been our pleasure recently to design comfy spaces for several clients expecting multiple births. Here are our nursery ideas for twins that are gender neutral.

The most challenging nursery to design is mixed-gender multiples, of course. The room needs to be boy-friendly and girl-friendly — but how do you meld the traditional blue and pink all over the room? You don’t! Instead, we, along with our clients, chose a neutral palette (see picture) for everything except the beds, where we snuck in that cute blue and pink. Our artist Cammy Stenavich pulled it all together with a delightful tree featuring pink and blue leaves.

But you can design gender-neutral nurseries — whether for mixed-gender multiples or a single child — with even less of the pink and blue combo. For example, Dwell Studio offers this owl-themed print for baby bedding that would fit a girl or a boy:


Or for even less color, this woodlands pattern doesn’t scream “baby” but is still friendly and fun:


On the opposite end of the gender-neutral spectrum, primary colors work well for a multiples’ nursery and will endure into the kids’ toddler years. Land of Nod offers this bedding set with buildings from around the world and a crib skirt that says “good night” in several different languages:


And then there are the timeless designs with soft palettes — even just white — that don’t shoehorn any particular theme except cozy and sweet. For example, this is a luscious collection from Restoration Hardware:


Or with a touch of lavender, which works well for both boys and girls:


And the most classic black and white:


Whether you are expecting twins, quints or one cherished child (or grandchild!), we are here to help design your nursery. Please contact us for a complimentary consultation.