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September 14th

Bathroom Lighting


Bathroom lighting is more than a necessity for every bathroom. A properly lit bathroom helps to make sure you and your bathroom look their best while also ensuring your safety while in the bathroom.

While acting as the ultimate in utility and function, decorative bathroom lighting will also add a lot of style to the room.

Good bathroom lighting is soft, unshadowed and even. An ideally lit bathroom will have a fixture above the mirror. This fixture will provide overhead and general lighting. How many bulbs are used will depend on the size of the area above the mirror. Wall sconces can also be considered, one sconce on either side of the mirror will help avoid shadows and fill in the rest of your face and neck properly. Most bathrooms will require additional flushed mount ceiling lighting or recessed lighting in the toilet area, shower area and/or center of the room to fill the entire room properly with light.

Bathroom lighting comes in many styles, colors, designs and layouts so even the most selective of homeowners will have many options to choose from. Light fixtures can be found in vintage, contemporary, traditional or modern. Try adding a bit of whimsy to the bathroom with a mini-chandelier, it will add romance and make you feel pampered every time you enter. Some larger master baths could even accommodate a mid-sized chandelier. Please contact us at Tracy Lynn Studio if we can help with any of your home design needs!