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April 23rd

How to Organize Craft Rooms

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Craft rooms can be very fun to design and to spend time in. If you are a crafter and would like to have a room turned into the perfect sewing room or scrapbooking room, Tracy Lynn Studio can help. I myself am a fellow crafter and to me this is the most important room in my home.

The most important part of a craft room is that it is organized and STAYS organized. The key to organization success for most people is to hire a professional organizer. We work with many great home organizers that we would love to refer. Here are some great organizational tips for your craft and sewing room:

Group like items, throw out anything that is trash, give away items you know you will never use (even though it is so hard to do!), then decide what items are most important to you. If you like to sew then probably need a nice comfortable chair and sewing table that is easy to use with your sewing accessories close by and not hidden away in the back of the closet.

If you tend to have multiple craft projects that are in the works then create a storage system that is easy to use. This way you will not forget about these projects and they will actually get done. Contact us today if you need help!