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December 21st

Custom Furniture in San Diego for Less? We Know the Source!

Our custom furniture maker in Mexico can create a multi-use unit that fits your entertainment niche perfectly.

A few years ago we were shopping in Baja – we’re always looking for unique items for our clients – and we met a woman who owns a custom furniture store. She is a designer herself, and she has a whole crew of woodworkers on staff who can make anything, she said.

Of course we were a little cautious because we wanted to make sure these items would be up to par with our requirements (yes, we’re picky!). So we asked Sandra to make some iron and wood wall art for us. It turned out amazing! We soon discovered this little shop could produce anything – any piece of custom furniture, and even banisters or staircases. All we had to do was show her a picture or sketch, and the next thing we knew we were picking up furniture or accessories that were exactly what we had envisioned.

So what does this mean to you? Savings! To be sure, Sandra and her team don’t do “cheap” work – they are true artists – but we do save our clients about 30 percent over retail by using her custom furniture services. And there’s no worry about going to Mexico – we handle all the delivery so you don’t have to.

If your home is Spanish style, our custom designer can make decorative iron grates like these for your vents.

My favorite way to use this resource is for built-in entertainment centers. Many San Diego homes have those family room niches that are supposed to hold your TV and audio equipment. But good luck finding furniture to fit that space perfectly, right? When we call on Sandra, she has her workers make a unit that does slide seamlessly into the space we need. Plus we can customize it to the client’s preferences, such as including various sized drawers, a tray for the DVD player, slats to organize movies, glass doors, or whatever we want.

With custom furniture – whether it’s a TV console, a sideboard, or a coffee table – you get a uniquely sized and styled item just for you. It looks complete and clean, and gives your whole room that “I spent a fortune” look for a lot less money. And who wouldn’t love that?

If we can help you with San Diego custom furniture or any of your design needs, please contact us.