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January 11th

Custom Upholstery – Value, Variety & Vibe!

A sectional sofa can be customized to your room’s size and your color preferences.

A few weeks ago, Mary told you about our custom woodworker and ironworker in Mexico. Today I’d like to share some thoughts with you on custom upholstered furniture, another important aspect of our design strategy.

When most people hear “custom furniture” they imagine handing over stacks of cash. Sure, customizing furniture can be expensive – but it doesn’t have to be. And most often you get what you pay for, whether that’s in durability, size or design. After all, not every living room is the same size, and not every client likes the same shade of green – that’s what makes custom furniture so important.

Our go-to custom upholstered furniture manufacturer in San Diego is Comfort Furniture Galleries. What I like about this store is they really do create what you want, and they usually do it in less than two weeks. So if you have a large family room wall that needs a longer-than-usual sofa, for example, Comfort Furniture Galleries can simply add as many inches (or feet!) as you need. Or maybe you want a super-durable fabric that can withstand your toddler’s jumping – they do that. Even better, you can select the softness or firmness you want in your cushions. They customize it all – right down to the leg style.

Customize your bedroom with an upholstered headboard in your choice of size, shape, and fabric.

We often see a piece of furniture we love but that is outside our clients’ budget. So it’s not unusual for us to take them a picture of, say, a $9000 designer chair, and walk out the door a few weeks later with an identical version for $900. Of course, $900 is still an investment, but at 10 percent of the original cost it is a comparable “steal” for a stylish, sturdy chair.

Not only do we order chairs and sofas there, we get beds and tufted headboards too, plus bar stools and ottomans. Basically anything that needs upholstery can be created at Comfort Furniture Galleries. And since we handle all the design and delivery for you, all you have to do is write the check– a much lower check due to the value we can provide using our quality supplier. Plus you gain a special room personalized just for you.

If we can assist you with custom upholstered furniture in San Diego or any of your design needs, please contact us.