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September 14th

Defining Your Style

When someone asks you “What’s your style?� and you can’t quite pin point what to say, don’t worry because it is very common. To help define your style first rip photos out of your favorite magazines and catalogs, anything that appeals to you. Then put them all together, sit down with some coffee, and write down descriptive reasons why you were attracted to each photo. Believe it or not this will help you start to make sense of your style. Another way to find your style would be to think of your favorite vacation destination or place where you love to go and either read a book, dine out or even ride a rollercoaster. Write down all things associated with this favorite place of yours and your style will soon start to be much more apparent. Keep a small notebook in your purse and when you are out and about just jot down ideas when you see something you like, or better yet- take a picture of it! Remember to have fun with this process and know that we are always here to help…