Christine Harris

Creative Director & Designer

The marriage of technical expertise and creative sensibilities is a unique combination in the design industry, and one that Christine brings to the Tracy Lynn Studio team. Christine loves a home to tell a story and to provide a calming, warm environment through well thought out selections to reflect the client’s style. With each choice, Christine takes a methodical and intentional approach to design, in order to construct the most thoughtful and rewarding spaces.

With hundreds of projects under her belt, Christine draws upon her expertise from her own home remodels as well as from attending the Design Institute of San Diego to create a strong comfort level with clients, vendors and contractors. Christine manages many of the Studio’s larger projects with an ability to not only conceptually design a home, but to expertly manage the implementation of those concepts.

Christine is not only a designer but also the Creative Director of the Studio. She serves as the Studio’s in-house resource encyclopedia and researcher; making her responsible for locating new sources of design inspiration as well as vendors, in order to ensure that the Studio is in continually fueled by the latest innovations and trends. In this role, Christine combines her passion for design with her natural inclination to find inspiration through collaborating with her “amazing fellow designers,” social media, trips to High Point Market (the design industry’s largest tradeshow), and perusing magazines. This results in an endless surplus of design inspiration and that is thrilling to Christine as she hopes to be a source of creativity for the entire Studio.

When not curating fabulous spaces for her clients and keeping up with the latest trends, Christine enjoys spending time with her wonderful husband and two bonus children. With a large group of family and friends, they often embark on weekend outings including walks on the beach, and attending sporting events, concerts and comedy shows. Christine acts like a tourist in her own city; every day in San Diego is a new adventure.

Client Accolades

  • “I wanted to let you know what a dream come true our home is.  The holidays were crazy.  We had Joe's promotion on December 2nd and a constant stream of visitors (many) from Thanksgiving through January 2nd. Every single person that entered our home was amazed.  On December 13th we hosted a party in honor of Joe (my new name is Cinderella, as I have never in my life so feverishly cleaned and cleaned and straightened up and decorated in preparation for an event as I did this one.....10 days prior we still had not had our kitchen appliances in, nor seen my floor since August).  The party was so wonderful.  It is a night we will never forget.  For many of our friends and neighbors it was the first time they had walked into our home to see what we had been working on for the 3 months prior, jaws dropped :)    I remember standing  on the stairs at one point looking out at Joe, proudly standing in his dress uniform with 4 stripes on his arms, the important people in our lives and looking around the new home we created and was overwhelmed.  I realized in that moment I was witnessing a dream come true.  It was a scene that had played only in my mind, now right in front of me.  It was a moment, suspended in time and now incredible memory I will hold onto forever. Thank you for being such an important part of making our home a place that we felt was only possible in a magazine or in our dreams.” 

    –Amy & Joe
  • “Christine, I wanted you to know how delighted we are with all of the selections you and Carmen helped us make for the kitchen and bath remodel.  The end result is incredible beyond imagination!  I’m so glad we had the good sense to seek your counsel on materials.  The quartz countertops and stone/glass backsplash are amazing. Thank you again. 

    – Betsy E.
  • “We absolutely LOVE coming home to our beautiful family rooms.  We cannot wait to entertain now :) And yes, I would love it Christine if you could help us in the future.  I am in love with our photo collage--it puts a huge smile on my face every time I walk into the house.  You have a great eye and made everything super easy for us. Many thanks!”

    - Kim