Lindsay Daneri


From research and development to construction and installations, Project Manager, Lindsay Daneri has a keen sense of all aspects of design. Lindsay’s background as an innovator includes a degree from UC Berkeley as well as ten years of experience at Pottery Barn’s design studio during which she helped shape their in-home design services program. Lindsay went from working with Tracy Lynn Studio to working for them, when she made the transition from Pottery Barn to landing her dream job with her biggest client.

Blending her inherent innovation with an artistic eye and passion for people, Lindsay is able to clearly and uniquely execute her client’s vision in the homes she designs. This combination makes Lindsay a favorite with all of her clients, who adore her just as much as they adore the homes she creates for them.

Lindsay finds inspiration from California styles and hues, as well as others on the Tracy Lynn Studio team. She especially likes designing family rooms, creating a place friends and family never want to leave. Lindsay enjoys spending time at the beach with her husband and two small children as well as watching reality TV– HGTV, of course!

Client Accolades

  • “You have done a delightful job of colors and choices.  Thank you so much. Hayden loves it and I love it.  We are quite pleased with everything. The kitchen is heavenly and the additions are cute and clean and warm and I know the bathroom will be too.  I truly love what you did with the pictures in the bathroom and in the hallway.  Very, very nicely done.  The yellow pillow is a hit and Hayden is especially pleased.” 

    – Trudy S.
  • Well?  WE ARE HERE!!! We arrived about ten pm last night. Got finished moving so we decided to head down early. WHAT AN AMAZING SURPRISE IT WAS!!! I couldn't sleep. I keep just staring and was speechless. Then I kept finding surprises all around the house. Really. Cannot believe it.”

    - Rene G.
  • “Love the room! It was amazing to walk downstairs this morning and smell the leather! Working on putting wine on shelves and glasses away today!”

    – Lisa B​.