Mary Wadstrom

Interior Stylist

Interior Stylist, Mary, was the company’s first employee, and has worked in almost every position at Tracy Lynn Studio during her tenure with the company. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Mary brings her management expertise to all aspects of the Studio. Mary’s gift for both space planning and perfectly combining finishing touches to make a home feel special, led to the creation of her Interior Stylist role. Mary also manages the Studio’s inventory and is the liaison between new clients and the designers, making her the first person you will talk to when contacting Tracy Lynn Studio.

Mary’s most sentimental project was a home designed for a family that had just lost their mother. Pouring her heart into every detail of the project, she not only focused on the interior design and landscaping, but also stocked and organized the kitchen with new pots and pans. Mary even surprised the family by stashing snacks in the kitchen to help them feel instantly at home.

Known as “The Handler,” Mary does the accessorizing for all projects that the Studio works on ensuring all finishing touches establish a cohesive feel. Mary collaborates with the design team to select the quintessential accessories for each space the team is designing. She also oversees the install to ensure everything is completed flawlessly and polished to perfection. A vital resource for the rest of the design team, Mary inspires and encourages the team throughout the design process. Her design experience, warm, quick-witted personality and innate leadership skills endear her to her fellow designers and the studio’s clients.

With an appreciation for both classic and modern design, Mary loves fusing vintage touches with new trends. When not designing, she enjoys time with her husband and three sons, going to the movies with friends, hiking or being pampered at a spa.

Client Accolades

  • Special Thanks to Mary and all the "behind the scene helpers".  I still can't believe how warm and beautiful my home feels. You created something far better than what I even imagined. I can't believe this is my home...I feel like I am away at some luxury vacation house!! I love it, love it, love it! You are a very talented group.

    - Kimberly
  • Mary oversaw the remodel our entire ground floor and some of our upstairs. Our project finished just two months ago. I have often said to family and friends the end result is far better than we expected. We were given a timeline and spending plan and everything went as scheduled and within budget. There were questions and issues that arose but Mary went out of her way to make sure we were happy. As for advice, I would say you should trust Tracy Lynn Studio and be flexible with what they suggest. After committing to use them for our project however we often said for them to do what they thought was best when asked for our opinion. This allowed them to be creative and not boxed in by things we were fixated upon. I believe this is why we had no idea how wonderful the end results would be. Everyone who comes over is shocked by the huge difference! Perhaps the only negative is our upstairs now looks pretty shabby in comparison to the downstairs. As soon as we're ready we'll call Tracy Lynn Studio to help us out with the rest of our home.

    - Jim O.
  • Words cannot describe how we are feeling today.  We have so many emotions racing through us. Dale has just been overwhelmed by what we came home to... he says you are going to have a full day on Wed. Mary, just taking off the tags because there isn't one thing that he wants taken back.....not even all the pillows in the loft.  Your attention to detail is just amazing.  Our old media room has become our favorite place to sit.  It is gorgeous and I just can't believe it is all coming together.  It is truly going to be our dream home when it is finished.
    Thanks again for all your hard work....I discover something I didn't notice before each time I enter the room.  Bradley even wanted to take a rest today in his new room....and he is wild about the flip-flops on the wall in the laundry room.  It just goes on and it, love it, love it. 

    - Pamela
  • I knew my house would look different when I came home tonight, but I truly was not prepared for what I saw when I opened my front door! My first and immediate thought was: “Omigod, who lives here? Not me!”
    The first floor was utterly transformed. But it wasn’t the new furniture that transformed it as much as it was the “décor”. I really couldn’t leave the living room at first to go see the rest of the house because I kept staring at everything in wonder! My friend Tippy was with me and we just sat on the living room couches and looked at everything and kept saying how great it looked. It was probably ten minutes before I could even bear to leave the room to go back to look at the family room. Overall, I couldn’t be more pleased! And more surprised by the look because I would never have picked out some of the pieces in a million years! What I love is that you have selected seemingly disparate pieces that go together to create a very cohesive look. And that is the one thing I could never do, no matter how hard I would have tried. Right now I’m afraid to touch anything because I don’t want to disturb the look! ;-)
    I’m very happy with my furniture choices, which is great since I selected some items without ever actually seeing them in person. I LOVE the lamps you picked out! I REALLY love the candlesticks on the dining room table! I like all the artwork (again, I’d never have picked any of it out myself because I’d have just walked by it in the store without even a glance). I am so happy that you did that for me and that you were able to use as many of my existing artwork as you did. Well, my house finally looks like a home! I couldn’t have done this without your help! This has been a lot of fun and the experience of getting everything installed all at once was worth the wait.

    - Joanne