Mary Wadstrom

Interior Stylist

Interior Stylist, Mary, was the company’s first employee, and has worked in almost every position at Tracy Lynn Studio during her tenure with the company. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Mary brings her management expertise to all aspects of the Studio. Mary’s gift for both space planning and perfectly combining finishing touches to make a home feel special, led to the creation of her Interior Stylist role. Mary also manages the Studio’s inventory and is the liaison between new clients and the designers, making her the first person you will talk to when contacting Tracy Lynn Studio.

Mary’s most sentimental project was a home designed for a family that had just lost their mother. Pouring her heart into every detail of the project, she not only focused on the interior design and landscaping, but also stocked and organized the kitchen with new pots and pans. Mary even surprised the family by stashing snacks in the kitchen to help them feel instantly at home.

Known as “The Handler,” Mary does the accessorizing for all projects that the Studio works on ensuring all finishing touches establish a cohesive feel. Mary collaborates with the design team to select the quintessential accessories for each space the team is designing. She also oversees the install to ensure everything is completed flawlessly and polished to perfection. A vital resource for the rest of the design team, Mary inspires and encourages the team throughout the design process. Her design experience, warm, quick-witted personality and innate leadership skills endear her to her fellow designers and the studio’s clients.

With an appreciation for both classic and modern design, Mary loves fusing vintage touches with new trends. When not designing, she enjoys time with her husband and three sons, going to the movies with friends, hiking or being pampered at a spa.