Tina Gospodarec


Tina is a seasoned designer whose vast experience truly makes a difference for her clients. With a BFA in Interior Design from the Design Institute of San Diego and nearly two decades as a designer, she has worked in all functions of the industry.

Tina draws inspiration first and foremost from her clients and combines her expertise to infuse her client’s personality into every aspect of their project. Creating designs that make a difference in how someone feels in their home is something that she genuinely values. Tina loves all facets of the design process, but for her the best part of any project is seeing her client’s joy and awe reflected in their expression when they see their new space for the first time.

Although Tina’s personal style leans towards warm and contemporary, her passion and appreciation for all types of design infuse her projects on a daily basis. She enjoys crafting all areas of her clients’ homes and welcomes unique spaces such as home gyms, personal theaters, and man caves.

Tina and her husband Ty enjoy traveling as often as they can, allowing Tina to collect new design ideas. Some of her favorite destinations are New York, Ireland, and Greece. They also enjoy hosting gatherings for their friends and family. With her passion for cooking paired with his love for creating specialty cocktails, they help ensure that everyone has a great time. Tina also enjoys spending time with her mom, watching sports and tackling D-I-Y projects at her home.

Client Accolades

  • “We're soooooo in love with our new house! Now we just need to get our schedule together and plan our next trip out! You have been such a savior with this whole process. I'm so glad we met and really enjoyed working with you. Max and I will talk and figure out a time frame to start phase 3 (media room, upstairs bedroom, etc.).”

    - Denise G.
  • “Dear Tina, We wanted to express our sincere thanks for the fabulous, fabulous job you did with transforming our great room and library into beautiful living spaces.  I have to pinch myself to remind myself that this is my home I am walking through.  We could not be happier.  In addition to all the great furniture pieces, there are so many accessories we just love!  The kids are in love with the hour glass!  The bird accents so remind me of my mom, as she loves birds and painted a bird picture for me.  I love the colors you tied in with the throw pillows.  And you must have been reading my mind, as I so desperately wanted a clock in the built-in library.  The “S” hung on the grass cloth in the built is just brilliant.  I could go on forever, but I will stop here. I want to give you a big hug of appreciation. I truly hope we are able to work together again in the future.

    - Julie S.
  • “Ron and I have enjoyed working with you and Tina.  We could never have achieved these results without your expertise, Tina.  And yes, I will definitely be in contact if I need any advice or additional work on the house.”

    - Sue J.
  • Tina is one of the most talented designers I know. She is very patient and has great ability to listen and retain her client’s specific needs and wants. One of my biggest requests in my home redesign is that I wanted a “model home” look even though I have four kids. Tina strove to make that possible even though it is a big challenge for any busy family. She remembers each detail clearly and offers other ideas to ensure the best possible outcome. Even though I am not a big money maker for her company, she made my project feel significant and offered exceptional customer service despite the small nature of the job. Her natural design skill is great as she can attune to the clients preferences and remarkably offer suggestions to achieve the desired look that a non-skilled individual like myself may not consider. Together, we worked to remodel my kitchen and family room. Tina selected the paint colors, sofa, coffee table, and chair styles, redesigned our fireplace by developing a custom drawing that fit the space and designed a built in bar in an enclave. I achieved a very beautiful look and recently sold my house in under 3 days, with all the compliments we received on the style and design. She also helped me with space planning for my entire house enabling me to use every part of my home. She advised me on her last visit that we were “bursting at the seams” and that continual purging of belongings would be necessary to maintain the appearance I desired. As a result, my husband and I set a goal to “consider buying a new home” in 2015, and low and behold, we did and Tina was there with us to make that final decision on which home to purchase. At this point, I have come to terms that I really need Tina to help with all my design decisions to avoid that regret you can get by doing it yourself without the expertise. Tina is the cream of the crop! If I could, I would buy stock in their company.

    - Stacey T.