Tracy Lynn

Principal Designer

Few designers have the natural ability to create style like Tracy Lynn. She has spent her career designing dream spaces for her clients and building a company of like-minded design experts.

In 2002, Tracy’s lifetime interest in art and a natural design talent manifested itself as she managed the renovation of her own home, which became a showcase to her talent and impeccable taste as an interior designer in San Diego. From there, she created Style On A Shoestring employing a creative and detailed approach to interior design. Her innate talent, unparalleled work ethic and amazing service soon led Tracy to begin receiving more referrals than she could manage, so she made the decision to focus on growing her company.

As her business evolved, Tracy desired to mentor talented designers in all aspects of the trade and create a uniquely collaborative and creative environment. This has proven to be one of Tracy’s greatest strengths, as she has built a team of incredible professionals who inspire each other daily. Tracy’s gracious approach to life permeates all aspects of the business endearing her to her employees, clients and trade partners. Her dedication and support for everyone around her is evident in the team she has assembled and that she continues to lead – all employing the creative, collaborative, generous, honest approach for which Tracy Lynn Studio is known.

Transitioning her company from Style On A Shoestring to Tracy Lynn Studio, the business has grown to become the leading high-end design firm in San Diego and it now reflects Tracy’s unique ideas and experiences meant to design, build and inspire. For both residential and commercial clients, Tracy employs a hands-on approach by mentoring her team daily, while allowing the designers to bring their special talents and approaches to each project.

Tracy is a graduate of California State University, Sacramento. She currently resides in La Jolla with her husband, Brian and two sweet daughters. Tracy enjoys traveling with her family, exercising with friends and never passes up a trip to the spa.

Client Accolades

  • "I don’t know what to say.  We are all so HAPPY about how things look.  It is beyond marvelous.  It is spectacular.  So bright, so cheerful, so very much us.  The carpet is to die for and the pillows are dreamy.  The lightness of everything from the basket of wood to the magazine rack to the lamps….Hayden and I are really, really , pleased and the girls just keep saying, “it is so beautiful”. You hit the jackpot in so many ways. I see the new pots for the plants and the way you moved the chests up the stairs and added a new pillow.  The room feels so much bigger.  There is more room and it is cozy at the same time.  You really have the skill that can transform a room. It was lovely before and you made it even better. I am so thrilled.  The mood and feel of the room is so homey and comfortable.  It is what I want the girls to think of when they think of home.  I am indebted to you all for your vision. Thank you for bringing such joy to our lives.   I feel like you gently pull us to do the right thing and live the good life!  I trust you completely.”

    - Trudy & Hayden
  • "Tracy, when we were researching design firms a year ago (!), we saw reviews of clients who gushed and glowed and lavished praise to no end. We were sure they were nuts. But it turns out they were honest and accurate, perhaps a little understated. Your team has overwhelmed us, and we are in your debt."

    - Matteo & Melissa
  • “Thanks a bunch for everything again…I really do love the whole thing…you, and the entire crew have been the most amazing, professional, wonderful people I have ever come across. I am so lucky to have found you and am so thankful for your very hard work on making my new home 100% AMAZING!"

    - Kathy C.