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February 22nd

Easy Accessorizing to Give Your Home More Style

A variety of natural, soft and textured accessories gives this room a balanced look.

You’ve probably heard a designer say that the most pleasing room to the eye is one that incorporates a variety of textures and finishes – and it’s true. In every room of the house, you should try to include accessories that are shiny, flat, textured and natural. You should also vary the height and placement of home accessories, layering some as you go along.

My own home is very neutral, but it includes all of those characteristics so it’s interesting and comfortable. Here are some examples of how I’ve added style with home accessories:

• For bits of nature, I placed pieces of coral around my living room.

• The coral also works for texture but in addition to that I hung flat baskets on a wall to bring more texture.

• Shining silver candlesticks provide the shine, as does a silver tray that holds colorful magazines.

• Stacked design books (layers) are also on the table, topped by a candle.

• Nearby is a glass cloche with antique postcards.

• Two small oil seascapes sit on silver stands, one on the buffet and the other on an end table by the sofa.

Texture and height give an otherwise bland room some design pizzazz.

• Throws add softness to the sitting area.

I also mixed design styles in the room. An antique buffet in dark wood tones serves as my media center, while my coffee table has a contemporary metal base and glass top.

The idea is to include a counter-effect for everything you use. If you have several shiny items, for example, include several flat (matte) items. If you have hard surfaces, blend soft upholstered surfaces too.

No matter what style you are doing – whether it’s transitional, French or super-modern – you should strive to include as many of these home accessory styles as possible. Not only does it give your room more depth, it makes it less predictable and more attractive.

If we can help you accessorize your home, or with any of your design needs, please contact us.