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September 9th

Fall Paint Colors

Adding a new paint color to your home is an easy and inexpensive way to change the look and ambience of your living area. As cooler weather arrives, warm up your space with this fall’s most popular colors. Whether you favor traditional styling or lean more toward contemporary furnishings, fall’s deeper and bolder paint palette can help set the tone for a warm and seasonal home. And best of all, you don’t have to paint the entire room to get the benefit. You can add paint color as an accent to one wall and completely change the mood of your room.

Browns– From taupe to deep chocolate, browns are a terrific choice to cozy up a space. Brown not only provides richness to a room, but is a perfect contemporary backdrop when mixed with aqua blue or purple. For another dramatic room treatment, try brown on a ceiling, mixed with neutral side walls. When choosing brown, think hot chocolate, rich coffee beans or a favorite tweed jacket.
Purples — Purple has long been considered a fickle color; in one season and out the next. Today’s purple palette is regal and can provide drama within a living space. Not quite ready for an entire purple room? Use purple on one wall or within a niche area for high impact color and excitement. Combine purple with earthy green for a harmonious blend with the outside environment.
Orange — This color continues to grow in popularity and has changed its personality over time. No longer bright and playful, this season’s orange is more organic in tone and depth. Pumpkin and ginger hues offer a solid setting when teamed with metallics, black accents or trim.
Reds — No season is complete without brilliant reds. Cranberry, crimson and claret are wonderful festive hues which provide punch to dining rooms, kitchens and foyers. Coupled with gold or mustard, this harmonious combination provides excitement and flair for both fall and the upcoming holiday season.