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October 10th

Fall Harvest Decorating: Get Your All Out of Fall

Fall has finally arrived in Southern California – so it’s time to find our inner pumpkin! With Halloween and Thanksgiving approaching before we know it, this is an ideal opportunity to remove summer and apply harvest themes to our homes.

Unless you really want to go all out with your autumn decorating, it’s easy to add subtle touches that give the feeling of fall without turning your house into a Party City display. The more convenient you make this process by adding to your normal décor rather than taking away, the more you will enjoy the results too.

For example, I have a set of scales as an accessory year-round in my home so I simply add some mini pumpkins from the grocery store to them. I also swap my accent pillows and throws with fall-themed versions (if you choose fall rather than Halloween, you can keep them in place until after Thanksgiving, saving time and storage space).

I love dishes so I used to create a full display of Halloween and Thanksgiving dinnerware and linens in my dining room. But as my children have gotten older and my career has taken more of my time, I’ve found that colorful platters – perhaps one on the dining table and another leaning against the stove’s backsplash – provide the touch of holiday I’m seeking without the work of unpacking and packing multiple sets of dishes and serveware.

Fortunately, our favorite stores can help us decorate for fall with style. Here are a few of my top picks for this season.

These reflective Mercury glass pumpkins from Pottery Barn go with any style and look great on a mantle or side table.

Attach decorative garland to candle holders and change candle colors for a fast holiday fix.

Plow & Hearth’s hand-hooked pumpkin rug is a friendly holiday addition.

If you have clear jars or vases as accessories, fill them with fall favorites such as mini pumpkins, colorful candy or pine cones.

A softly flowing leaf garland gives a touch of fall to a dining room table or fireplace mantle.

Fun throw pillows such as these three from Collections Etc are a quick way to give your home a little Halloween flair and they are easy to store between seasons.

Pillows with harvest colors like this one from Pier One also bring fall inside without committing to a holiday theme.

If your décor won’t support traditional fall colors, consider an alternative such as this pillow from Pure Home that offers the feel of falling leaves or flowers in a neutral palette.

We are happy to help you design your home for holiday living – or with any of your décor needs. Please contact us for more information.