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September 28th

Halloween Decorating: Get Your Ghoul on for Halloween

Pumpkins with a “Boo” message provide a subtle tone for Halloween decor.

It seems like we were just discussing summer barbecues, and yet here it is almost Halloween! One of the interior design San Diego services we offer at Tracy Lynn Studio is holiday decorating — even decorating for Halloween! We will come in and use your existing Halloween fdecorations or bring along some of our own (or both) to give your home a festive flair.

If you want to spook up your own home for Halloween, here are a few tips on how to make it boo-tiful.

An inexpensive and easy way to dress your house for ghosts and goblins is with “creepy cloth”—that stretchy gauze you can place around furniture, lamps or most anywhere. Be creative and put it on unexpected places such as candlesticks, picture frames and mirrors.

Speaking of candles, swap them out for orange or black versions. Also replace some light bulbs for flicker lights with an orange tint. If you have a filled bowl as an accent—such as a bowl of shells—stow those away and substitute plastic eyeballs or spiders. For a haunting gathering, place a punch bowl filled with dry ice and water in the corner of the room so the fog lilts into the space.

“Creepy cloth” turns any home into a haunted mansion.

The best tip I can give you on decorating for Halloween or any holiday is not to fall short. It’s better to really dress up one room than to try to extend the theme lightly throughout the house. Since Halloween decoration for home can tend towards over-the-top, perhaps limiting it to a main living area and/or powder room is sufficient.

Also, don’t feel you need to always use black and orange for Halloween. As you can see from these pictures, white can also play a major role. And if the ghoulish side of the season isn’t your cup of tea, go for a harvest theme with pumpkins, corn stalks and autumn leaves. The point is to have fun and give your home a change of pace, whatever that might mean for you and your family. Pottery Barn is carrying some really tasteful Halloween/fall accessories right now. For that super-spooky look, check out inexpensive retailers such as Party City or your local dollar store.

And don’t forget to include a few Halloween decorations along your front walkway for trick-or-treaters!

Please contact us at Tracy Lynn Studio if we can help with any of your decorating or remodeling needs.