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August 11th

Give Your House & Health a Lift with These Home Gym Design Ideas

A well-stocked home gym is convenient and cost-effective.

A well-stocked home gym is convenient and cost-effective.

If you have extra space in your home — maybe you’re an Empty Nester or you have a bedroom you’re not using — installing a home gym is a cost-effective and convenient way to maintain fitness. And it really doesn’t require a lot of extras. Our San Diego interior designers have collected a few home gym decorating ideas and tips for planning your ideal home gym.

• Select a room that can be completely dedicated to the home gym or consider framing off and dry-walling a portion of your garage for this purpose. Although a garage might not be ideal, it’s better than having your gym equipment crowding your bedroom or living space.

• Plan the design of your home gym first. What kind of exercise will you be doing? If you are into yoga, you will want plenty of floor area. Ballet requires a bar. If you are adding a treadmill, make sure there is a long enough space not just for the machine but on all sides to step on and off and swing arms. Considerations for an elliptical machine or a stepper include not only floor space but ceiling height since the machine raises you off the ground.

Mirrors in your home gym make the space feel larger.

Mirrors in your home gym make the space feel larger.

• Make sure the room has adequate ventilation. A ceiling fan will help distribute the air.

• Replace the flooring with wood laminate, vinyl, cork or a rubber lining to provide cushion. Be mindful of heavy gym equipment that can crush the wrong flooring. And if your gym is slated for a second floor, get a professional assessment of how much load the floor can handle for your equipment.

• This is one room where mirroring the wall is advantageous. Add mirrored sections to at least one side of the space where you can monitor your movements. Paint the other walls a neutral color that flows with the rest of your house.

• What motivates you? TV can help pass the time while you’re working out — place it where you can see it from all angles in the room. Either install a music system with speakers or give your iPod dock a prime spot. Framed inspirational posters or photos give the space warmth.

• Supply your gym with the amenities you appreciate at your favorite fitness center. A mini-fridge with ice-cold bottled water is a must (or a dispenser), and a cabinet with fresh towels is handy.

We would love to help you plan your home gym design or assist with any of your design or remodel needs. Please contact our San Diego interior design firm for a complimentary consultation.