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January 25th

Hide Your TV for a Clean Look

When the TV returns to inside the cabinet, the top surface is another useable space.

Even with compact flat screens, sometimes TVs are problematic to decorating. Perhaps you don’t have enough wall space in your bedroom for a TV. Or maybe you want a TV in a more formal room but you don’t want it to conflict with your décor. If you are trying to reduce TV watching in your home – but don’t want to eliminate the TV completely – you might be looking for a complete TV storage solution.

I have the answer for you: a cabinet or console with a TV lift installed.

These are perfect for anyone who wants occasional use of a TV because the TV actually drops into the cabinet, giving you a smooth surface on top. When you’re ready to watch the TV, you simply punch a remote control and it rises from the cabinet. When you’re finished, hit the button and it returns to its hiding place.

I recently had one of these installed for a client who wanted a TV but the walkways in her living space made a wall-hung or tabletop TV impossible. We placed the lifted TV inside a console table, and now she can access it when her family is ready for TV yet it’s not in the way at other times.

Components for your lifted TV can also be hidden in the cabinet so they don’t distract from your decor.

Another client only had adequate wall space for a dresser mirror but also wanted a TV. Our technician mounted the TV inside her dresser, so now it can be raised to watch TV from the bed or lowered for full access to the mirror above it. The dresser’s drawers remain useable, although they are shallower to make room for the lift mechanism.

This concept works especially well for rooms full of windows, such as a high-rise where the focus is on the view. Plus we can add a 360-degree swivel base to make the TV visible from any angle in the room. And since lifted TVs can be added to virtually any type of cabinet or console, you don’t sacrifice function for beauty. You can also hide your media components inside the unit, providing a clean look.

If we can help with creating a TV lift cabinet for you, or with any of your design needs, please contact us.