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November 7th

Choosing Paint Colors: Let’s Get Painting!

Although paint is often the least expensive way to create a pulled-together look, choosing paint colors remains one of the most challenging aspects of design for our clients.  So here are a few tips to make your searching for the perfect paint colors a bit easier.

First ask yourself how you would like the room to feel.  Do you want it to feel calm or have a big and bold impact?  It is common for people to want to their bedroom to be calming while they would like to make a statement with their entry or living room.  The trick is, how do you combine bold and calming in a color palate that does not feel choppy?

Using unrelated colors in adjoining rooms can make the house feel disjointed, while colors that relate to each other draw the eye from one room to the next and create a pleasing flow.

The trick is to use the same hue and value when choosing your paint colors¦for instance if the first color that you are drawn to has a gray undertone than that is the hue that you should continue throughout.  Be careful not to choose too many colors.  Depending on the size of your house, usually three colors are more than enough.

Neutrals can be tricky because they can have green, yellow or pink undertones.  Make sure that you look at your flooring, furniture and fabrics in the room. Try to determine the undertones in the existing neutrals in the room and then choose a paint color with the same undertones if you need help you can always call in the experts!

Another tip is to paint all the trim and doors the same color throughout the house so that you can create a flow from room to room although the paint color on the walls will be different.

Here are a few popular colors our clients have really enjoyed:  Although these are Dunn Edwards paints we work with and recommend several other brands.

 Dunn Edwards Paints:Some great silver blues:

DEC796- Irogon Blue

DEC794-Salina Springs

DEC798-Taliesin Blue

Great Greens:

DE6262-Glass Tile

DE6263-Pistachio Shell

Mustard yellow anyone??? 

DEC731-Highlight Gold

DEC 732-Aspen Yellow