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October 19th

Let’s Play!

Storage options keep your playroom neat and inviting.

If your kids have a playroom, you probably created it so you can throw all of their toys in there and shut the door when you have company. We’ve all been there! But even a kids’ playroom can be an inviting part of your home’s décor — here are a few playroom decorating tips on how to do that.

One of the playroom’s most important jobs is to be functional. So we often turn to IKEA’s Trofast storage system for a flexible way to build shelves and cubbies. By mixing and matching the different sizes, you can create a whole wall of storage for $100. This durable unit will be home to everything from toys to art supplies to books to piggy banks. For smaller items, slide a basket into the shelf. You can even put a few Trofasts inside the closet to stash shoes, little purses, hats and other clothing. Larger toys can be stowed in trunks that double as seating.

From there, I like to create a series of “centers” in the room, much like a classroom. That way children have a place to engage in different activities. For example, a reading corner with a comfortable chair will entice kids to look at books. Meanwhile, a colorful, soft rug promotes floor play.

Your playroom should reflect your family’s interests and hobbies.

For homework and playtime, a set of child-size table and chairs is helpful. Consider mixing the colors of the chairs around the table. Add an art caddy nearby to store supplies, and a metal wire to hang artwork (click here for an example of that handy item), providing free art for the room.

Wall hooks get good use for hanging costumes and dress-up clothes. If the room is large, add a ballet bar and mirror for dance practice, or a teepee for imaginative sessions of cowboys and Indians. Scaled-down kitchen sets are always favorite places to play.

Child-size kitchen sets offer hours of fun play.

The room’s color scheme can be anything you and the children like. Stripes are a fun accent, as are the children’s initials or favorite sayings painted on the walls. In addition to the children’s self-created artwork, hang framed family photos and pictures of the kids playing sports or participating in clubs when decorating a playroom.

Most of all, make sure this is a room that gives you peace of mind. You’ll want to know the playroom is safe and special, so take time to think through how your family will use it. Just a few changes can turn your extra bedroom, bonus room or converted garage into something your children will cherish well into their teen years.

If we can help you redecorate or remodel your playroom or any room, please contact us at Tracy Lynn Studio.