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July 2nd

Make Your Pool a Decorative Focal Point

Many of us in San Diego have pools that take up a good portion of the backyard or patio area. So after the day’s pool fun is over, use your pool area as a focal point for evening relaxation or parties.

Flowers and layered stones repurpose your pool as part of your outdoor decor.

If you’ve ever been to Vegas or an upscale hotel with a pool, you’ve seen the day beds you can rent for lounging. Outdoor day beds are expensive but you can make your own lookalike by buying two chaise lounges that lay completely flat. Put them together (you could connect them underneath with wire or rope) and either use the existing cushions or buy a large cushion that covers both chaises. Voila – you have your own daybed!

Another way to use your chaises is to set some the regular way – separated with the backs up – and then place others flat in an L-shape. This creates optional seating for those who might not want to commit to stretching out on a full chaise.

Since you will be seated around the pool, use your furniture to form conversational areas rather than lining up around the pool. Pick up a few inexpensive tables—some for those who stand and some for those who sit—and place them randomly around the area. Be sure to include a few seats and tables near the barbecue grill or outdoor bar, where people tend to congregate.

This lighted waterfall adds colorful ambience to an evening party around the pool.

Rather than ignoring the pool, use it as party décor. Buy a portable pool fountain at a discount store as a focal point. Or float flowers in the pool. The best flowers for this are those with a wider base, such as gardenias, gerbera daisies or orchids. Snip the stem, leaving about a one-inch length below the bud. Silk flowers are just as pretty and less likely to absorb water and sink away. Intersperse these with floating pool candles (don’t use regular candles – a quick online search will offer you numerous choices for buying these specialty candles).

Even if your gathering is not a designated pool party, be prepared for the rogue who jumps in (or gets pushed in) anyway. A wicker basket filled with soft, colorful beach towels will add splash of color to your pool deck and be a welcome comfort to those who get wet.

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