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January 11th

New Year, New Design Resolutions

Now that the holidays are safely behind us, we’re taking some time to reflect and refocus on the year ahead. In our efforts to identify some goals for 2018, we’ve come up with some alternatives to the typical New Year’s resolutions and thought we’d share them with our Tracy Lynn Studio community.

Travel – Whether you finally check out the new hip neighborhood in town or take the leap abroad, make an effort to explore new locales and pickup unique pieces that speak to you. Incorporate them into your home to provide continuous inspiration and remind you to take another trip!


maven shop in Normal Heights, San Diego

Learn – The winter season is an ideal time to acquire a new skill or hobby. Integrate your new hobby into your home by establishing a personal space to pursue your new passion. If you’re into crafting, designate a crafting space or if it’s calligraphy a writing desk.


Click here for a beginners guide to calligraphy by The Postman’s Knock

Save – Start setting money aside to help you achieve your next design project. Do your research and plan ahead while you’re saving up, so you’re ready to take on the project with confidence in mind and wallet.

TLS Design Board

TLS Mood Board

Reconnect p1– Even though it seems like you’ve seen all your family and friends throughout the holiday season, you often aren’t spending quality one on one time with them. Rearrange furniture to encourage conversations and invite some loved ones over for a chat.

Reconnect p2– Invite your bestie to stay the weekend and make them feel right at home or better, at a cushy boutique hotel. Put together a welcome basket with their favorite things (drinks, snacks, scents…etc) and house guide with info like the wifi password and how to turn on the tv. Leave slippers and bottle of water next to the bed and toiletry essentials in the bathroom. With all of the details taken care of, you’ll have plenty of time to catch up.

Design by TLS & Photography by Ryan Garvin

Wellbeing – Refocus on your personal well being by incorporating some centering and mindful activities into your busy schedule. If reading or painting is your thing, create a cozy reading nook or designate some studio space.

home studio

Home studio from

Organize – Alleviate your everyday worries by establishing some helpful household routines. Keep track of the entire family’s activities and schedules with a family chalk wall or calendar. Instead of answering scheduling questions, you can send the family to the wall be free to do other things.

Design by TLS & Photography by Ryan Garvin

Breaking Bad (Habits) – Try taking a break from social media. Overloaded with status updates and holiday selfies, it’s time to reclaim a sense of mystery in our everyday lives. Spend the month of *February off the apps and try reading an actual newspaper or book for your entertainment needs. (* since it’s the shortest month, you can make it through ;))

Reading material by Design Sponge 

Celebrate Your Accomplishments – No matter what form they take, make sure you take the time to acknowledge and appreciate your accomplishments every day! Whether you have conquered a design challenge, taken that first step toward the bedroom of your dreams, or make it to spin class instead of happy hour, woo hoo to you!

Cheers to the New Year and all that comes with it!