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February 12th

Office Tips

You’d probably be surprised to know that interior-decorating your office space can be just as important as designing the rest of your house, maybe even more important. A well laid out office space can improve your productivity and your happiness.

 Your home office should be some place where you will have privacy. A spare bedroom or an out of the way alcove will work great. You still want to be part of the house, but you also need your privacy for those phone calls and business client visits.

Natural lighting also should be a significant part of your design plan. A window gives you something to look at when you get stressed out and some fresh air when you feel cramped. Speaking of lighting, try to avoid glaring overhead lights like you find in a regular office. Go for more diffused lighting. A good lamp may be all you need.

 You shouldn’t paint your office in drab gray or black nor should it be too gaudy. You want your new office to be a pleasant and comfortable place to be.Neutral colors work best. But, if you really want to add some personality to your walls, add artwork.

Plants also are wonderful additions to home offices. They, too, will add color and personality to your space. When they bloom, it’s like adding a whole different element to the room.

While you may not think of storage as an “design element”, it’s actually a very critical part of your home-office design plan. Storage can be anything: a built-in wall unit, unique shelving or even something your own creation. Be artistic. It’s your space.  Make sure you do account for storage. A cluttered desk and work area can be distracting. Another item that can greatly reduce clutter is a multifuction printer. As a home office worker, you have necessities: printer, fax and copier. Yet, these can come in one neat package.   

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