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June 29th

Home Organization

The kitchen is the first area in any home to start organizing. The kitchen is a center of activity in morning and evening when everyone is at home. Everyone loves food and wants it prepared quickly. But a kitchen is often the most used room in the house and a place where bacteria can develop easily. Below are some kitchen organization tips to help minimize bacteria and improve the look and feel of your kitchen area.

Clean the refrigerator and deep freezer if you have one. Remove everything in freezer and fridge. Clean the inside and defrost it. If you prefer clean it with soap or vinegar as a deodorizer. Anything that is not needed should be discarded.

  1. If possible, move the deep freezer to the garage or to the basement. This will increase the available space in kitchen.
  2. Clean all the drawers of kitchen cabinet. It may be time to put down new shelf paper.
  3. Keep your kitchen clean by cleaning as you go. This is most difficult part of organizing your kitchen, but if you develop this habit, it saves you time in long run.
  4. Remove anything you have not used in last 2 years to some other area of your house or throw it away.
  5. Remove every thing from the Kitchen countertop and sink area to clean thoroughly. Throw away clutter (or things you haven’t used in 2 years) as you put everything back.