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April 19th


The first step is to clear everything out of the bedroom. The bed can stay, but you may have to move it or lift it to get at everything underneath.

After the room has had everything moved out you may notice dirt, garbage and old things that can be thrown away. Take the garbage bags into the bedroom and start picking up all the trash. Teenagers aquire lots of it. Once your teen’s bedroom is cleared of all debris vacuum the floors.

After the floors are vacuumed put back the furniture that you may have moved out of the room. Place everything in the room in an organized manner. The dresser and nightstand should be near the bed. A desk might be across the room with a bookshelf. If your teen’s room does not have a bookshelf, add one now. Books may encourage teens to read.

Add a magazine rack to your teen’s bedroom to get things more organized. Teens love reading magazines, and a magazine rack keeps the magazines from becoming cluttered around the floor of the room. Add a shoe organizer to the bedroom door, especially if your teen is a girl with lots of shoes. It is a great way to organize pairs of shoes for each day of the week.

Use the totes for toys, games and gadgets that your teen collects. The small totes can be labeled and stored underneath your teen’s bed. Once the stuff is organized it will be easier to find and will require less clean-up time. The large tote can be used for swapping out winter and summer clothes or for the most used items in your teen’s room.