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February 13th

Patio furniture

Patios can be an essential part of your family’s home. It’s a space for casual dining or for that first cup of coffee in the morning to watch the sunrise.   No matter what the occasion, patios need furniture to make it into the habitable space you need it to be. .When making your decision about patio furniture, keep in mind the look and feel you are trying to achieve. By the same token, think about how you will maintain this furniture given that it will be outdoors subjected to various weather conditions. Perhaps a few patio furniture tips will point you in the right direction.

1 – Decide upon the individual pieces you might want in your patio area.  Sketch a diagram so you have an idea of dimensions and scale. Did you also know that color can make a big impact in a patio space? Decide on a few colors that could possibly be incorporated in seat cushions, chairs or bench seats.

2 – If you happen to choose some aluminum patio furniture, be sure to conduct a little preventative maintenance by buffing a paste wax into the aluminum frames at least twice a year. In addition, you should clean the vinyl pieces that are normally associated with aluminum patio furniture. Use some all-purpose oil and lubricate any moving parts in your aluminum patio furniture to prevent rust.

3 – Wicker and Rattan furniture can be hard to keep up with in regards to maintenance. However, they are attractive pieces of patio furniture that would fit in well with an elegant appearance as well as a casual one. You have to ensure that the wicker does not dry out and that means keeping it out of the sun’s rays. And since wicker is sometimes prone to mold and scratches, you can hose it down and scrub off any dirty grime.

4 – To keep the integrity of patio wood furniture intact, you will have to oil the wood first or stain and seal it. When you use wood oil, be sure to strip the old oil coating off before reapplying it. For discolored areas, you could either pressure wash the wood or use a light sandpaper to buff out the imperfections and other things like scratches or scrapes. Once you have cleaned the wood furniture, you could paint it or seal it.

5 – Wrought iron patio furniture should have a protective coating to shield it from the elements. “Should� is the operative word. Use a light abrasive cleaner to buff out any light scratches and stains. If you see the dreaded rust spot, use a wire brush to scrape it off. Then you would apply a rust resistant spray to seal it. Once dry, you could then paint over those spots.

Patio furniture comes in more than just iron and aluminum materials. There are plastic and resin resources that are easy to clean with just a scrubber utensil and dish soap. Some fabrics like the polyesters can be treated the same way. No matter what you choose, keep in mind the exact furniture pieces you want and where they are going to be located. By following a few of these patio furniture tips, you can enjoy your patio furniture for years to come.