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August 10th

Redesign a Home Office to Work for You

Bulletin boards covered in matching fabric give this home office a coordinated feel.

If you’re like most people, you probably want an organized, appealing office space, whether that’s in your home or at your business location. Studies have shown that we are much more productive when we work in a clean and welcoming environment, so it makes sense to spruce up your office if you want to be more achieving.

The first thing we do at Tracy Lynn Studio when we’re redecorating or remodeling an office is empty it completely, which gives us a clean slate for our home office design ideas. Then we add a fresh coat of paint in a color the client finds stimulating. Your home office doesn’t necessarily need to coordinate with the rest of your home if it is a separate room, so feel free to think outside the box on office color—show your passion! You might just find work a little easier if you’re drawn to the space.

After painting, we begin reintroducing items to the room, starting with the desk and other furniture, such as bookcases and chairs. Just like with the wall color, use your imagination with furnishings. For example, try a bright or patterned upholstery for your desk chair. Bring in a vase or pot with flowers to add some color punch. Add a decorative wall clock and framed pictures of family or favorite vacations, or other inspirational art.

Also consider how to bring your personality into the home office space. For example, I designed an office for a photographer that included a collection of old-fashioned cameras for visual appeal. If you have limited wall space, perhaps just adding your initial or painting a favorite saying on a wall would make the office feel more “yours.”

Many people like a large bulletin board in their office. Rather than the traditional (and boring) framed boards, try covering cork with a fabric that matches your chair or another accent piece for an updated and coordinated approach.

Remember how I said we take everything out of the office? Well, we rarely put everything back in it. Instead, we call on our amazing de-clutterer, Carol Sandborn, who specializes in organizing homes and offices. We also bring in baskets, boxes or other containers to arrange and store files, supplies and all of those other things that seem to accumulate in offices. When we bring in the computer, we de-cord as much as possible, either upgrading to wireless computer components or tucking cords into convenient caddies.

A bright wall color like this lime green can be invigorating in a home office.

A home office should be an individual room that provokes creativity and action. With just a few changes, you can have a home office that makes you want to work!

Please contact our San Diego design firm if we can help with remodeling your home office or any of your design needs.