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October 13th

Seasonal Landscaping

Fall & Autumn 

There are many plants available that can stand up to a little cold or even a little frost.  The kinds of plants would be your more fibrous and woody plants.  With all the variety of all the tall grasses that have become available with in the last few years, would make a great addition to your fall gardening ideas.   The best thing about the grasses is that they are maintenance free.

If you would still like to enjoy some of you most favorite summer flowers, you could transplant them in containers and bring them in every night.  Or if you are not that ambitious you can cover you plants up at night to avoid the frost..

Another great idea for fall coloring is the trees that you plant in your yard.  You can go from bright yellows to fiery red.  Some of the best choices are sugar maples, birch, ash ginkgo, redbud,beech, hickory, butternut, honey locust and the tulip tree just to name a few out there.  Do some searching on the net.  .

With all the gourds, pumpkins, cornstalks, hay bales and potted plants you could have a lot of fun decorating your yard for fall.  You could make a straw or hay bale stack on both sides of the end of your driveway and set up an arrangement of the fall colors.  Go out and get some cattails, take a nature hike and see what could possibly catch your eye.  If it catches yours, more than likely it will catch the attention of others also.  If  you by chance have old farm tools somewhere this would be a fun time to put them out too.