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April 27th

Spot Cleaning Carpets

Vacuuming  won’t always take care of your carpet cleaning needs. Sometimes, you will need to do a little heavy-duty cleaning to get your carpet looking like new again.

Many different types of carpet cleaners are commercially available, including dry cleaners, spray-on foam cleaners and wet shampoo. Whatever carpet cleaner you use, be sure that it is made exclusively for carpets. Always test a cleaner on a small, inconspicuous area of the carpet first. Avaoid using alkaline soaps, ammonia or cleaning liquids meant for hard surfaces such as wood or tile. These can damage your carpet. Do not us any cleaners that include color brighteners.

When you decide to have your carpet cleaned professionally, choose the carpet cleaner with care. Don’t be afraid to ask your  carpet cleaner for a reference and firm estimate.