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February 24th

Spring cleaning tips

With spring just a few weeks away here are a few cleaning tips to get your house back into tip-top shape after winter. 

  • First of all,  make a checklist of chores. This will help get you organized and keep you that way. 
  • When dusting,  be sure to start at the top and work your way down.
  • Wash walls from the bottom up. This will help  to avoid streaking.
  • Remember to take all your cleaning tools with you so you’re not running back and forth.
  • Clean as you go. It takes a lot less time to remove new dirt than old.
  • Leaving baking soda on carpeting over night will  help absorb musty odors.
  • Use old socks as mitts for cleaning difficult wood work.
  • Wash small knickknacks instead of dusting.
  • To removing heel marks , take pencil eraser and rub them off.
  • Don’t mix cleaning products. Ammonia and bleach are toxic.
  • Remember common cleaners such as windex and comet meet this don’t do rule.
  • Allowing cleaners to set for several minutes will help make the cleaning job easier.