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March 28th

Spring Patio Décor: Spruce Up Your Patio for Spring

Mixing solids and prints gives your patio furniture style and helps hide wear and tear.

As the days get longer and the sun shines brighter, we will return to our patios for outdoor living. If you are thinking toward summer like I am, here are some outdoor patio furniture ideas for improving your space.

Most outdoor furniture lasts a long time because it is made to be durable and withstand weather’s worst. But even if your cushions are covered in outdoor fabric, they take a beating from sun and rain. Fortunately, it’s easy to get your outdoor cushions recovered, and it gives your whole patio a new feel and look. We work with a couple of outstanding area upholsterers who will recreate your cushions using in-stock or special-order fabrics.

Group your patio furniture into “rooms” to give the space purpose and flow.

I like to mix up the patterns a bit on those fabrics. For example, if your outdoor furniture includes a sofa and chairs, you might use a solid fabric on the sofa and stripes or another print on the chairs. Toss in some colorful pillows to add even more interest.

As you choose outdoor fabrics for decorating your patio for spring, remember the dirt factor. That light beige might be really pretty on your dark furniture, but it won’t be so great after your kids climb on it. Instead, look to patterns for hiding wear and tear.

If you have a large patio space, consider grouping furniture much like you would inside your home. For example, you might have a sitting area, a dining area and a firepit area. Lay outdoor rugs within each space to provide room “borders,” and add potted plants in various sizes as accents. And don’t forget to block the sun—if you don’t have a patio cover or pergola, an umbrella offers yet another punch of color to your outdoor living room and keeps those rays at bay.

Need new outdoor furniture? Turn to iron first. It lasts better than wood outdoors, and it can be painted. Some coated rattans are also quite durable. We favor Vista-based Sunset West, who offers several patio lines that are really great quality.

Most important: once patio season is over, be sure to cover your furniture and store your cushions. If you do, you’ll find they are fresh and ready for the next season, saving you time and money.

If we can help spruce up your patio for spring, or with any of your design needs, please contact us.