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July 5th

Interior Design Do’s and Don’ts for Your Home

Large artwork and accessories provide a balanced look to this room.

Large artwork and accessories provide a balanced look to this room.

When someone finds out about my interior designer portfolio, I’m often asked for some do’s and don’ts when it comes to making your home look its best. Here are a few of my and the other San Diego interior designers’ favorite home design do’s and don’ts.

• Don’t accessorize with too many pieces — this creates a cluttered look. It can be tempting to display lots of eye candy but too much of a good thing blurs the look.

• Do purchase larger items than you think the room can absorb. As with the “don’t” above, our eyes can’t focus on many small things at once. But a large focal piece — whether it is art, furniture or an accessory — is dramatic and easy to see.

• Don’t hang artwork too high or too low. This is a common mistake. A basic rule is to hang artwork at center (the center of the piece) 57 inches from the floor. Also, don’t hang something on every wall. A blank wall provides a resting point for eyes.

• In the kitchen, do choose which you want to be the star: your backsplash or your countertop. Take a neutral approach with the other.

• Also in the kitchen, don’t keep appliances on the counter that you don’t use regularly. We can assist with reorganizing or redesigning your kitchen to provide extra cabinet space as needed.

Several live plants bring the outdoors in and add a pop of natural green.

Several live plants bring the outdoors in and add a pop of natural green.

• Do test paint prior to rolling it on all your walls. Bring home several samples and brush a little on a wall, then look at it in various light (morning, evening, lamp, etc.). You might be surprised how natural and/or artificial light can make a color you love suddenly turn wrong, or vice versa.

• Do incorporate live plants into your décor. As with any accessory, you don’t want to overdo it and create a jungle in your home, but nothing provides lush color and texture like gorgeous potted plants do.

• Don’t paint your dining room blue — the color blue is an appetite suppressant! Do make sure the area rug under your dining table is large enough for chairs to be pulled away and still be on the rug, and that it isn’t too thick to impede chairs pushing away from the table.

• Do hang your dining room chandelier 32 to 36 inches above the table. Any lower and it will interfere with the tablescape, but any higher and the light will be too far away. And while you’re measuring, be sure the distance from the dining table to the wall or piece of furniture behind the chairs is a minimum 36 inches.

• Do make sure your home is yours and not the designer’s. This is one of our key missions at Tracy Lynn Studio — we always want to make sure our clients’ personalities and lifestyles are reflected in their homes.

Want to turn your home design from a “don’t” to a “do”?  Contact our San Diego interior design firm for a complimentary consultation.