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May 3rd

Tell a Story with Your Collection

One of our goals at Tracy Lynn Studio is to make sure your redecorated space reflects you—we want those beautiful rooms to tell your story. So while we will suggest new pieces to add, we also incorporate your existing possessions, as seen in our interior designer portfolio, and sometimes that means filtering a collection into the design.

The key to making a collection pleasing to the eye is not allowing it to be the focal point. Some people make the mistake of grouping too many like items, but that actually creates more of a blur. Instead, we like to place a few in various places around the room, allowing for a visual connection that doesn’t overwhelm. Or if we do place items together, we try to vary height, color or texture to give interest.

Artwork is also a collection – look how we arranged these pieces as a coherent but interesting group rather than just hanging them individually.

Another consideration is a room’s theme. Colorful pottery makes a lovely accent in the kitchen or dining room but might look out of place in a bathroom. Similarly, a collection of shot glasses could be fun in a game room but wouldn’t work at all in a formal living room. If items are really personal, display them in your bedroom where only you see them.

Even a laundry room or storage area can benefit from a collection displayed properly.

If you have a large collection, rotate pieces in and out of your décor. That way you get to enjoy all of it over time, but it doesn’t engulf your space at one time. Also think about which collections you cherish and which need to be donated or given away—in other words, do some serious self-editing. Those Beanie Babies may have outworn their welcome, but your grandmother’s pewter vases could serve as a gorgeous accent.

Perhaps you aren’t a collector but you want to start. Try selecting something quirky or exotic and building from there, such as antique musical instruments, clocks or cameras, which give warmth to a home office or den.

Collections can be terrific accessories because you already own them so no additional cost is incurred, plus they mean something to you or you wouldn’t have accumulated them in the first place. Displaying pieces from your collection is an easy, meaningful way to fill a blank wall, bare shelf or empty corner.

Need some help with your home collection display—or another design question? Contact our San Diego design firm for a complimentary consultation.