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November 12th

Thanksgiving Centerpieces

You have the whole Thanksgiving feast planned, but now what in the world are you going to do for a centerpiece? Do you want a centerpiece that is creative, inexpensive, and most importantly, easy? Here are some ideas to help add that pizazz to your table that will have your family and friends admiring your creativity.

One of the easiest, is the Cornucopia Centerpiece. Go to your local craft store to purchase a simple wicker basket. With this you can do a variety of displays. You can overfill it with real fruits and gourds, or you can use plastic. Just fill your basket to overflow and let them spill out onto the table.

Also, a great way to decorate with your cornucopia is to use silk flowers and leaves. While at the craft store purchase a Styrofoam block or ball and silk flowers and leaves in fall colors with long stems. Push the Styrofoam in the wicker cornucopia basket so that it is firmly wedged inside. You may want to trim down the foam or add more as needed. Simply push the stems of the flowers and leaves into the foam so that they emerge in a decorative arrangement at the opening of the cornucopia.

Another creative way to use your cornucopia is to overflow it with different breads, such as, rolls and muffins, or whatever bread you may prefer. You can also add some silk leaves around the cornucopia and bread. This creates a marvelous edible centerpiece.

You can also use a beautiful wicker basket that you might have at home, instead of the cornucopia. Maybe add some ribbon in fall colors. It can still look just as beautiful with the three previous ideas.

If you want centerpiece that is a little different, then try using a large, hollowed-out pumpkin instead of a vase to display a fall floral arrangement. Scatter clusters of berries, nuts, and autumn leaves around the base of the pumpkin. Adding a couple of mini pumpkins to the table would also look nice.