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February 6th

Tracy Travels – London & Paris II


After a few days of embracing all that is London, Tracy hopped on the Eurostar and made her way under the sea to Paris. For the grand finale of her European design tour, Tracy headed to Les Puces (The Fleas) aka the Paris Flea Market. With hundreds of merchants and endless walkways, Les Puces is the largest flea market in the world. Tracy was stunned by the sheer volume and variety of antique finds, saying that she could have easily spent 2 weeks there and just scratched the surface. The vintage goods proved to be a major source of inspiration, leaving Tracy overflowing with design ideas (and new vendors) and eager to get back to the studio to share. We can’t wait to showcase the designs inspired by Tracy’s research and as always, we hope that our latest ventures will result in happy clients!


The Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen │Photo by © ParisSharing


Photo by Paris Perfect


Photo by Currystrumpet Blog


Photo by Unique Paris


Photo by Blackie Warner photoblog