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September 6th

Sanctuary Bathroom: Turn Your Bath into a Peaceful Retreat

Blue- and gray-toned finishes paired with warm woods give this master bathroom its spa feel.

We live in such a busy world that it can be nice to treat our homes as sanctuaries where we can get away from it all. It’s difficult to convert an entire house into a serene spot, though, so here are some tips for transforming a small space – your bathroom — into a place that makes you say, “Ahhh.”

• Choose a soft color palette – no bright, jarring tints. If you prefer green, go for a sage green. If blue, a light slate blue. Stay away from reds and yellows, which stimulate rather than relax.

• For lighting, bring in lots of candles in different sizes. Add dimmer switches to your overhead and wall lights so you can control the density. You will want full light when using the mirrors to do your hair and make-up, for example, but for peaceful times you can turn the lights to a gentler setting.

Add a music system and framed photos to personalize your bathroom.

• Textures are important to creating comfort. Think soft sheers blowing in the breeze. Fluffy towels rolled and stored in an open basket. A cozy bathrobe.

• Bring the outdoors in with a plant that thrives on humidity. Orchids work exceptionally well in bathrooms as long as they get some light. Display your collection of shells or sea glass to help you remember that last relaxing vacation.

• In the shower, install a rainfall showerhead. If you have space, add a steam shower unit or multiple showerheads for a full-body experience.

• If you have space, add a few pretty bottles in different sizes and shapes that coordinate with your overall color scheme. Fill them with bath salts, bubble bath, shampoo and liquid soap. Place cotton balls and ear swabs in clear jars.

An all-over white color scheme provides a cool, calming ambience.

• Is your bathroom often cold? Install heated towel racks, and consider adding radiant heat under the floor.

• The right music can be very relaxing. Hide an iPod dock in an airy wooden box so you have tunes while you melt away the tension.

• Along those same lines, your sense of smell can also lead to a quieter sense of being. Experiment with some aromatherapy products from your favorite bath or home goods store until you find the right scents for you. Hint: Lavender has a restful effect.

• Exercise your editing skills in this space. Clutter isn’t calming!

If you need assistance in redesigning your sanctuary bathroom – or with any of your design needs – please contact us.