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August 8th

Two New Must-Have Modern Kitchen Appliances

Individual dishwasher drawers allow you to do smaller or item-specific loads, plus save energy.

We love new and modern kitchen gadgets that add to the overall design feel of a remodeled space. Two that have gained popularity in the last few years are designed as drawers: the dishwasher drawer and the microwave drawer. They fit cleanly along the cabinet line, and are often completely hidden by adding cabinet face panels.

The dishwasher unit is typically two stacked drawers that work independently from each other. That means you can do separate cycles, such as washing only the breakfast dishes or running a load of fragile glassware after a party. This system also works well for a household with one or two people because you can fill one drawer and run it without having to load an entire full-size dishwasher.

There are a few minor drawbacks to using dishwasher drawers. Don’t overfill them or the washer doesn’t clean well since it’s smaller with less power. Also, you might find your dishes are wetter afterward because the drawer runs a shorter cycle than the full-size version. And you should try to remember to use the bottom drawer as well as the top one so they wear evenly.

This Wolf microwave drawer tucks nicely under the counter, allowing more work space on top.

Microwave drawers are a more recent addition. They have the same esthetic advantage as the dishwasher drawers in that they blend in more with the kitchen, creating a custom look. If you have a fan over your cooktop, for example, it can be difficult to find a place for your microwave, but this goes under the counter and pulls out, which is ergonomic and convenient. You simply set your dish in the drawer and push it shut! This set-up is very handy for when you need to stir food in between cooking cycles because you can see down into the dish from above.

The downside is few if any microwave drawers have windows so you cannot see in them while cooking, which could be a problem if food boils over. Also, they don’t have rotating bases, so you will need to reach in and turn the dish if needed. They are also a bit smaller than the common larger microwaves so if you use yours a lot or for large items, this might not be your best option.

We are always coming across new and exciting modern kitchen appliances and gadgets. If you are interested in redesigning or remodeling your home, our San Diego interior designers will be happy to share all of our cutting-edge ideas. Please contact us for more information.