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May 28th

Vintage Decorating

Fabrics are most important in the Vintage Style Home

Fabrics are an important ingredient in creating this style. If you love the old cabbage roses of the 40’s you are well on your way to enjoying this style. Calico prints from the 30’s and 40’s are also used extensively.

In the kitchen, oilcloth tablecloths are often used. Cookbooks were also often covered in oilcloth. Another favorite in the kitchen is the old roller towel rack. These often had linen calender prints or beautiful floral linen prints on them.

Another kitchen staple was the terrycloth towel with the crocheted buttoned handle that could be attached to a drawer knob or the oven door handle. Dishcloths and towels often had hand crocheted edges to keep them from fraying and help them last longer.

During wartime when fabric was scarce, grain bags were printed with patterns so women would have access to fabric they could use. Often bags were sewn from these to keep dry goods in the pantry. Beans, rice, pasta were stored in these homemade bags made from the grain bag fabric. Since many women canned in those times and many gave their specialties as gifts, jar toppers were also made from these bags. Many of these grain bag patterns are avidly sought for by collectors today.