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July 24th

Modern Wallpaper Ideas & Installation: Back and Better Than Ever

A bright striped wallpaper from Harlequin’s Anoushka line provides a fun, flirty background to this retro-modern living room.

When I mention wallpaper do you get visions of loud, ugly walls from the ’70s and ’80s?

You’re not alone.

But it’s time to set aside those memories because decorating with wallpaper is back—except this time it is truly beautiful and even environmentally friendly.

We’ve been having a lot of success lately with installing modern wallpaper in San Diego at Tracy Lynn Studio. For example, a powder room or another small space that is papered looks absolutely amazing and even glamorous. In a larger space, installing wallpaper on an accent wall really makes the room special.

When we wallpaper, we turn to specialist Mary Ann Godfrey at Godfrey Wallpapering. I was recently talking with her about how exciting modern wallpaper has suddenly become. This is what she said:

“Wallpaper now isn’t like the wallpaper from years ago with wild prints and oranges and browns. Today, one of the best updated looks has texture, such as bamboo and heavier string—that is really popular in beach communities especially. It makes a huge difference in a room.”

Raffia wallpaper gives an airy bedroom visual interest.

She also talked about changes in modern wallpaper installation:

“People think wallpaper is too difficult and that it’s going to be a big hassle but the way wallpaper is manufactured now, it’s easy to hang and easy to remove. If you want to change your mind after you’ve had a certain look for a while, you can remove and replace it.”

One of our favorite modern wallpaper brands at Tracy Lynn Studio is the Harlequin line. They use a printing process at Harlequin with “ethically sourced raw materials on paper from sustainable European forests,” according to their website. So not only are their designs pretty, they’re green (and yellow and coral!) too.

Interested in adding some modern wallpaper to your home? Please contact us at Tracy Lynn Studio for a San Diego wallpaper installation consultation or for any of your design needs.