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July 26th

Want to Love Your Home Library? Read On!

Proving that a library can be light and cozy, this room’s overstuffed chairs and velvet sofa provide comfort while the funky ceiling fixture personalizes the space.

With so many electronic devices vying for our attention these days – TVs, computers, iPods, etc. – it can be nice to dedicate a room in your home as a library. This doesn’t have to be a grand or huge space, but with a few touches you can create a relaxing escape for reading, needlework, quiet games or other unplugged pursuits.

Quality furniture is obviously of utmost importance in a room where you want to be seated comfortably. Depending on the room’s size, select two or four chairs surrounding a low, round table. A large ottoman also works well for this, and provides a soft place to prop your feet when you aren’t using it as a table.

Although we tend to think of a darker color palette for a library, that doesn’t mean it needs to be completely dark and dated. Whatever color you choose, focus on selecting a shade with depth and then use it on the walls to create coziness.

Typically your home library would include bookshelves. If possible, ask a cabinetmaker to design custom-made matching bookcases with crown molding along the top and lining the shelf edges. If that’s not in the budget, furniture stores such as Ballard and Thomasville offer multiple options.

A more traditional library leans toward deep reds, but tradition doesn’t have to mean dull, as this room cleverly shows with its mapped ceiling and Marilyn wall art.

As you fill your shelves, keep in mind that books alone make for dull shelves. Add mementos and personal items such as framed photos for more interest, and include a variety of items, from vases to bookends to vacation trinkets. Looking for some inspiration? One of our favorite accessories stores is TaDah Home Décor in Solana Beach.

Layered lighting is especially desirable in a library. For example, you might install recessed lights in the ceiling that are connected to a dimmer switch so you can control the amount of light you need in the room. With those as your main light, you might add a small chandelier or wall sconces, and then table lamps. These layers offer you flexibility for when you need very bright or just barely visible lighting, depending on how you are using the room.

Keeping that luxury library feel in mind, floor-length draperies in a rich fabric are the call. Similarly, a darker wood floor with a color-coordinated rug would be ideal. But if you can’t change out your flooring, simply giving attention to your furniture, accessories and lighting is enough to create the feel you are seeking.

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