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February 15th

A Classic Returns: Blue & White Are Back!

Blue and white can be delivered through accents, such as the lamp, pillows, vases and subtle chair upholstery in this living room.

As we approach spring, you might be thinking about refreshing the color mix in your home. A really popular combination right now is blue and white, which leans into a coastal or what some people call a “Santa Barbara” style. This is a fresh and crisp duo that can be dressed up or made casual, and it is easy to accent with textures such as jute and burlap. Plus blue and white can be enhanced with seashells, coral and other accessories that bring pops of color.

Blue and white lends itself to stripes, florals and toile that add movement, such as in a rug or accent chair. Blue walls can be trimmed in white with white furniture, or you might choose white walls with darker blue furniture – or a combination of both.

An all-white kitchen gets a boost of blue from the upholstered chairs and blue ceiling.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted a white sofa as part of a blue and white interior but the reality of children and pets living in your home didn’t make that possible. New durable, stain-resistant fabrics are changing that. In fact, you can dump a glass of red wine on a couch upholstered in this special fabric – even if it is white as snow – and it beads right off!

Textured rugs and window treatments work well with the coastal feel of blue and white.

In the dining room and kitchen, a painted white cabinet displaying blue and white pottery is striking. Blue is also a fitting color in the bedroom, where softer shades have a calming effect and fluffy white bedding provides comfort. Wood floors are a natural complement to blue and white design in any room.

A softer approach to blue is suitable for the bedroom – plus a burst of color like the lemon yellow throw below the bed.

Your dreamy white sofa is suddenly achievable with new fabrics that resist everyday stains and spills.

I don’t know if it’s because blue and white are mirrored in the sky and clouds or because those shades remind us of the sea, but there is something very satisfying about that color scheme. Hopefully this is a trend that will hang around awhile!

If blue and white is your goal, or you have any design or remodeling needs, please contact our San Diego design firm for a free consultation.