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October 8th

Create A Spacious Bathroom

Here are a few tips for taking your tiny bathroom and making it feel much more open and roomy. Switch out your large vanity for a pedestal sink, but keep in mind you may lose some storage. You can always add in a narrow, tall storage piece. The color White for the furniture, toilet, pedestal sink, etc will always help make the room look larger. Try a clear vessel sink, the more see-through the better. Pay attention to what your bathroom mirror is reflecting. It could change the amount of light in the room. If you use a shower curtain then make it somewhat see-through, and avoid really dark colors. This will help extend the space and the bathroom will feel much more spacious without knocking any walls down. If you always feel cramped inside of your shower but cannot afford to re-design it then, try to use a specialty shower rod, called the Arc. Here is their website, take a look.