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September 6th

Add Some Green to Your Room

Potted palms add drama and height to this beautiful music room.

We recently worked with a client on a condo remodel where we used live plants to add some warmth to the space. I’m not talking about creating a jungle of plants or making it like a garden center – just a few pots here and there.

And I have to say, the effect was really stunning.

But the client didn’t care for it, so he removed the plants. Once they were taken away, the rooms felt extremely bare to me. Seeing the difference made me realize just how important plants can be to interior design.

One of the things people always say when I suggest plants is “Oh, I have a horrible green thumb.” Well, guess what? You don’t need to worry about what color your thumbs are because we have a terrific plant company that does all the work for you.

Interior Plant Service in San Diego comes to your home and assesses which plants will work in certain areas. Not enough light in some rooms? They have plants for that. Worried about remembering to water your plants? They have a system for that too. Wondering how to avoid plants that shed leaves or flowers? They are experts on that.

A combination of a few large and small plants gives the room warmth with little maintenance required.

When you add plants this way, you aren’t just selecting what looks pretty – only to see it die later. Instead, you are bringing in plants that fit perfectly in your home’s environment and appeal to your lifestyle. They warm up empty spaces, add brightness via colorful pots and bring the outside in.

We’re using plants in every remodel we do now at Tracy Lynn Studio. Please view our interior designer portfolio and contact us if we can help you design plants into your home or if you need assistance with any interior needs.