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August 27th

Wood Floors Are Beautiful, Durable and Toxin-free

This gleaming Provenza kitchen floor has an antique hickory finish.

Wood floors are popular and for good reason—they are beautiful and durable. If you have children and/or pets, some benefits of wooden flooring is that it is easy to clean and is sturdy enough to withstand jumping kids, running dogs and practically anything you might drop on it.

At Tracy Lynn Studio, our San Diego interior designers like to use distressed and beveled boards. If these types of floors are scratched, it just adds more character to the floor rather than creating an unsightly spot. A line we use a lot is Provenza, a really attractive collection of hardwood flooring.

Wood floors can be installed either by gluing or floating. I asked Trini Loveless, one of the partners who runs our supplier De-Mar Flooring, about the difference in these two processes. Glue, of course, is the most traditional way to secure wood floors, and it does provide the most solid sound when you walk on it. However, some glues have been found to have undesirable toxicity, and a glued floor allows little flexibility for change.

The newest and best way to install wood floors is floating. The only negative, Trini said, is some people—not all—perceive a hollow sound when walking on a floated floor. Otherwise, floating is preferable because it’s easier to remove. If properly installed, it is not affected by moisture from concrete as glued wood can be, and it is less expensive to install.

A close-up view of how a floated wood floor interlocks for stability.

Floating operates on a tongue-and-groove system that locks together. So there is no need for glue to secure the floor.

If you are removing carpet to install wood floors but your carpet is in good condition, consider having pieces of it bound into rugs. I’ve done this for several clients via Magic Carpet in National City—it’s a great way to repurpose your good carpet and add textural interest (and warm comfort) to your hardwoods.

Please contact our interior designers in San Diego if we can help with choosing or installing hardwood floors, or any of your home design needs.