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February 4th


 Baseboards are often an overlooked part of home decor. Installing thicker baseboards to your home can really spruce up the overall  look to each of your rooms. A white baseboard will contrast nicely with darker paints and adds a customized look to your home. If you don’t have the time or money to install wider baseboards you can easily fix up the ones you have.

They’re easy to do and the job can be completed in a few short hours. Just a simple coat of paint can liven them up and add a splash of color. If you’re worried about getting the paint on your carpet or floor then you can try this: tape the edge of the flooring with masking tape and tuck the edge of the tape up under the baseboard with a putty knife. Although, working with oil-based paints can be difficult, the end result makes is a nice, shiney baseboard that is easily cleaned with a damp cloth.