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January 31st

Crown Moulding

Crown Moulding adds a sense of style and elegance to any home. It can be applied to an entryway, hallway, common rooms, or even cabinetry. Crown moulding  really gives rooms a “finished” look . And with some of the classes taught a local home improvement stores you can also make some beautiful curtain boxes, mantels and shelves with just a bit of imagination. 

There are tons of styles and design motifs to choose from when it comes to selecting a crown moulding for your room. The problem most new home buyers have is the overall cost of doing such a project. Some mouldings can cost as much as $20.00 per foot just to purchase the material. When adding that to the cost of a professional installation the project  can become expensive. But, with a some homework, patience and perseverence it can be done by a “do-it-yourself” homeowner.