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April 18th

Bathroom Faucets

Since the selection of bathroom faucets is quite big, it is best to decide on your budget before you set out to buy one. A bathroom faucet can cost anywhere from $25 to several hundred to nearly $2000. Know what you can afford to spend before you spend it.

  1. There are three basic types of bathroom faucets from which almost all designs originate. First, there is the centerset style, which consists of a spigot with the water control handle attached to its top or side. Most often, there is only one handle for both hot and cold water. Then, there are single-hole bathroom faucets. These usually have two handles, one for hot and one for cold water, but the handles and the spigot form one unit that is attached to the plumbing through one hole in the sinktop or countertop. The third main style of bathroom faucets are the widespread designs. Widespreads have two handles and a spigot and they are all separate pieces, meaning the sink or counter must have three holes in it to attach each piece.
  2. Once you have decided on the bathroom faucet design that would work best with your bathroom, you should think about what kind of material you want. Often, the material you pick for a bathroom faucet is determined by the color you want. Bronze faucets, of course, have golden or brown tones. On the other hand, nickel and stainless steel faucets are reflective or have gray tones. You can also buy a nickel faucet with brass highlights, so the possibilities are numerous.
  3. The final consideration is overall appearance. The centerset designs tend to be more contemporary looking than either single hole or widespread bathroom faucets. These latter two come in an array of styles for traditional and modern bathrooms. You can find faucets that are rounded and lack any corners, or more angular designs that stand out. Pick the style that best fits your aesthetic and that fits into the bathroom of your dreams.