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April 17th

Layering Pillows

You don’t want to have too many different patterns in the pillows, maybe some with a pattern and some that are plain but have a color that pick up the pattern. You can use interesting fabrics like silks, brocades and velvets as well as interesting accents on the pillows such as tufting, fringe and embellishments. What you choose really depends on your bedroom design.

The key to the plumping is that you have to set up the pillows in layers.  You have to arrange them standing up on their edges and in rows.

The back layer of pillows should be a bit larger than the rest. You want to have either three or five pillows for this back row depending on how large the bed is and the size of the pillows. Stand them up on the edges and lean them against the headboard.

The second layer of pillows should be a little smaller than the back layer because you want to be able to still see the decorative back pillows. You’ll also want less of them as you want the pillow arrangement to extend out from the headboard in sort of a triangular shape. So if you used three pillows in the back row try two in the row in front of it. Set those on their edges and lean them against the back row pillows.

 Three layers of pillows is pretty standard.  You don’t want too many pillows or your whole bed is just going to be layers of pillows. For the last layer I like to use a bolster pillow – one of those long rounded tubular pillows that has a fancy fringe or tassel on the end. If you don’t want to do this just use some smaller pillows for the front. These probably wouldn’t be bed pillows but little decorative pillows that are smaller than your second row pillows and simply place those leaning against the second row pillows on their edges.