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June 26th

Summer Interior Design Ideas: Bring Summer Indoors!

Summer doesn’t have to happen just outside – give your home a breezy, colorful look that matches your sun-drenched exterior.

Light and bright bedding gives a bedroom some summer sunshine. (Photo by Michelle Meiklejohn)

Start by tucking away everything heavy or dark. Even in San Diego we tend to stockpile throws and bedding in heavier weights for our cool winter nights. Wash and store those, then bring out or buy lighter bedding – sometimes simply changing your duvet cover does the trick.

In your living room and family room, swap out darker colors for lighter, brighter shades. A few throw pillows and candles in summer colors can create fresh accents for celebrating the season.

Flowers and plants can come indoors too. Stop by your favorite garden center or home improvement store and pick up some affordable blooming plants to sprinkle around your house. They will only last a few months, but with summer sun coming through your windows and a little green thumb from you, they will provide a delightful splash of color.

If you don’t have a retractable screen door, you are really missing out. I have one, and as soon as the weather starts changing, my front and back doors are open and the breeze is passing through. I rarely need to run my air conditioning because I get such a nice airflow through my house. Contact Debbie Mason at Mirage Retractable Screen Systems to have yours installed: (760) 419-4641.

Retractable screens provide air flow on warm days.

With so much going on outside – beautiful garden, kids playing, family enjoying the pool – you’ll want clean windows so you can keep an eye on everything. Lovely Windows by the Lads – I know, it’s a funny name – is a wonderful company for window washing. Contact Lisa O’Bara at (858) 212-5050.

Please contact us at Tracy Lynn Studio if we can help with any of your home design needs.